Monthly Archives: March 2018

150+ Brazilian 78 RPM Records


150 Brazilian? Um… how many zero’s is that?

One of my favorite sub-collections in my collection of 150+, 78 RPM records from Brazil. That link will explain it a little. This is a group of records I’ve wanted to archive since I got them, but you know, this and that and time passes on.

I’m happy to start this project finally and will be working label by label. Which seems obvious now… I’ll be working in alphabetical order, starting with the 18 Continental Records, and featuring pictures of the records and sleeves. In this group, 14 of the 18 Continental records came in original or period paper sleeves.

Audio Archeology

I’ve been spending more time recently with some audio remastering projects and have rediscovered 1) How much I like doing this and 2) How good I am doing this stuff. Here is the quiet launch of me doing Audio Archeology again. If you have old records and tapes that you want digitized, please contact me.