I recently digitized over 100 cassette tapes from my old late-night radio show, Technological Retreat. These podcast programs are collections of the live mixes, or Sound Collages I enjoyed making in the middle of the night, way back in the 20th century. These weren’t sample or dance based mixes. More like soundtracks from the subconscious that could last moments, or stretch on and on into that place when darkness turns into dawn.

Now available in conveniently sized travel packets, Technological Retreat is online through the help and assistance of KFAI. Now you can take a Technological Retreat with you when ever and where ever you go. It’s the kind of thing you might have heard before, but not really. Be sure to try some today!

Check out the complete listing at my Rimes of The Ancient Mix-Master blog.

These recordings and more of my stuff is available at archive.org

These episodes were all presented on one of KFAI‘s digital streams, and there are still traces.

If you use Spotify, the first 18 shows are listed here.