78 O’clock

Like all treasures, I stumbled into collecting 78 RPM records indirectly and not by intention. I wanted to make a dreamachine and needed a 78 player for it. I had a very nice 1952 Zenith Cobramatic that made the wrong kind of noise, and was told to bring it to  Vintage Music Co  which is still around and located at 38th & Cedar in Minneapolis.

A long shotgun shop that was dark with old interesting smells of time and dust and grease and neglect and attics and basements. Scott said something like: “Here is the same belt, in the box. Here’s the same motor, in the box, etc in the box. Look around, every new customer gets a free record. It should take me about 20 minutes.” So I looked around. This was 1992 and I had been doing radio for ten years, been collecting records since the early 1970′s but knew nothing of these old heavy records. This is the free record I took. Following are some associated images and a few of the records featured in the shows listed below.

The following were radio shows that featured the live playing of 78 RPM records.

Minnesota No Tamago-Uri – Japanese pop music

Hotel Orchestras and Light music

Mood & Background music

The 78 RPM Record Summit

The Pepper Patriot V1: Turkish, Bengali film tunes and the Turkish Liberace

The Pepper Patriot V2: Turkish, Serbian and Croation tunes

Doc Rock & Hillbilly Humor on 78 RPM

Rummage sale records

Flea Market records


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