Turkish 78 RPMs / Bengali film tunes and the Turkish Liberace

78 RPM records, LPs, and a few cassettes from Istanbul. This radio show is from April 7, 2009 and features Minneapolis based 78 RPM DJ and music fan Pepper Patriot, who brought in some audio treasures from his travels to Turkey and the Balkans. PP said at the time “I was telling you about some 78’s I had collected in Istanbul: Halk Turkusu, or what I like to call Turkish blues; Sanat, or Turkish classical music done by Zeki Muren (the Turkish Liberace); Bengali film music featuring some amazing steel guitar; Moldovan and Georgian tunes on CCCP state sponsored folk records..”

Between the radio show broadcast and now, while on a more recent trip abroad, Pepper Patriot’s diverse, thoughtful and weird collection of music and so much more, disappeared. Probably stolen but who knows really. Enjoy this glimpse into the growing list of gone worlds.

Listen to the show

Play list: Artist – Tune

dhimen sen – electric guitar
sarkislali veysel ve ibrahim – eger benimle gitmek dilersen
bozidar ajredinovic – kalusa cocek
bekimi and bardha – tallava
zeki muren – seni sivdim pek cok sivdim
georgian state folk orchestra – unknown
zehra bilir – derleyen
asik veysel – sen kal
ezrincanli salih – alli gelin
salih and feriz krasniqi – kenga tanushes
dhimen sen – electric guitar, side 2
milan donja – ramo ramo
ekrem sajdic – draganov cocek
sarkislali veysel ve ibrahim – dostum beni nicin zar
mahzuni serif – kara oglan
zeki muren – bir bakis baktin bana
filoreta – tallava
fejat sejdic – lost lamb
zeki muren – berdus
bakija bakic – niska banja


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