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Flea Markets and other delights

Recently posted five programs from the year 2007 and they can be accessed through the 2007 playlist page. I believe that is all the shows from 2007 that I have recordings of. From this point on I’ll be working chronologically instead of haphazardly. I rediscovered another show featuring 78 RPM records , these from a large Flea Market sale.

The recently added shows are:

  • Jump Blues
  • Flea Market 78’s
  • Jazz Quartets
  • Eddie Sauter arrangements
  • “Top Shelf” records

More radio for you to shake sticks at

In my own archive, there are 120 + digital Dig Up the Roots shows, and 50 + shows on cassette. I have started editing the digital files chronologically and placing them online. Another new feature is that I am making the show title links active on the Playlists page. All of the shows below are from 2007. The first batch of new recordings include:

Hot 1920’s & ‘30’s Jazz from NYC

Jug bands & Hokum music from the 1920’s & ‘30’s

Foggy morning jazz

Cylinders & Piano rolls

More cylinders & flat discs

Rummage sale records

Several years in the mid 1930’s

Compilation records

Joey’s Johnny Cash show

150+ Brazilian 78 RPM Records


150 Brazilian? Um… how many zero’s is that?

One of my favorite sub-collections in my collection of 150+, 78 RPM records from Brazil. That link will explain it a little. This is a group of records I’ve wanted to archive since I got them, but you know, this and that and time passes on.

I’m happy to start this project finally and will be working label by label. Which seems obvious now… I’ll be working in alphabetical order, starting with the 18 Continental Records, and featuring pictures of the records and sleeves. In this group, 14 of the 18 Continental records came in original or period paper sleeves.

Audio Archeology

I’ve been spending more time recently with some audio remastering projects and have rediscovered 1) How much I like doing this and 2) How good I am doing this stuff. Here is the quiet launch of me doing Audio Archeology again. If you have old records and tapes that you want digitized, please contact me.

Mix Tapes


For those of us of certain age, who used to hang out in the later part of the 20th century … mix tapes made for yourself and given to friends might be an early equivalent to contemporary social media. Might not. We here at the DUTR studios have been digitizing cassettes and reel 2 reel recordings recently and want to share some of these wonderful old mix tapes. These mixtape recordings will each be presented as one long file, not broken up by song or piece, just like a mix tape.