Turkish, Serbian and Croation tunes brought to us by the Pepper Patriot

My guest, the Pepper Patriot, returned on this day to bring in more amazing and haunted sounds from Turkey, Serbia and Croatia. We hope that you enjoy this extra slice of ancient and contemporary tunes from one of civilazations cradles. “I was telling you about some 78′s I had collected in Istanbul: Halk Turkusu, or what I like to call Turkish blues; Sanat, or Turkish classical music done by Zeki Muren (the Turkish Liberace); Bengali film music featuring some amazing steel guitar; Moldovan and Georgian tunes on CCCP state sponsored folk records..”

Between the radio show broadcast and now, while on a more recent trip abroad, Pepper Patriot’s diverse, thoughtful and weird collection of music and so much more, disappeared. Probably stolen but who knows really. Enjoy this glimpse into the growing list of gone worlds.

Listen to the show

1) Eger benimle – Sarkislali Veysel
2) Derleyeni Sadi – Zehra Bilir
3) Dostum beni – Sarkislali Veysel
4) Giden Alli Gelin – Zehra Bilir
5) Bafinda Kar Var – Asik Veysel
6) Kara Oglan – Mahzuni Serif
7) Ben Sazim Sen kal – Asik Veysel
8) Seni Sevdim – Zeki Muren
9) Berdus – Zeki Muren
10) Bir Bakis – Zeki Muren
11) Anar Umrumce – Zeki Muren
12) track 4 – Bekimi and Bardha
13) track 8 – Filloreta
14) Morra – Salih,Feriz, and Ali Krasniqi
15) Kenga e Tanushes – Salih,Feriz, and Ali Krasniqi
16) Kolusa Cocek – B. Ajredinovic
17) Prekodolski Cocek – S. Salijevic
18) Draganov Cocek – E. Sajdic
19) Ramo Ramo – M. Donja
20) Cocek – M. Donja
21) Niska Banja – B. Bakic


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