Burlesque 78 RPM Record Labels

Blue Discs or Party Records were made between the 1930’s and 1950’s. Literally sold under the counter and often unmarked so that you had to ask the record store clerk for them as a special request. These records couldn’t be advertised because of societal standards of decency. Often made anonymously by tiny independent regional labels or just bootlegged from other records, these were the Stag Films and Pin-Up pictures of the record world.

The records that I have range from vampy-stripper kind of music to comedy routines and parody, pop-style songs. Some of these are very dated with topical references yet some of these routines are still pretty bold and risqué. These all come from a time when the tradition of the burlesque and vaudeville stages, both live-staged-niched-environment that were changing and ending.

The images below are of the different labels that are in my collection of 150+ Party Records.


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