80 Brazilian 78’s! How many zeros is that?

One time in the record store, Scott came up to me like a dealer in an overcoat and whispered, “Hey Bub, have I got a deal for you.” He had gotten a collection from a collector, and within it there were four boxes of records from Brazil. The short version is I got them. Inside were about 80 unique records, different labels and most in the original paper sleeves. There were also Ten, 10 inch 33 1/3 RPM LP’s with incredible art work on the covers.

Here is a link to a radio show from 2009 that featured these Ten, 10 inchers.

The music ranges from carnival sambas to forro to vocal trios to stuff that would have been heard in the best elevators or dentist offices in Rio. There was another surprise, a small rattling noise from one of the boxes.

In the bottom of a smoked-Gray cordial glass sit a small pile of stones and shells.
These shells and stones were within the creases of a box of 78 RPM records from Brazil.
I like to think that someone played these records on a beach, before I was born
and that these stones and shells have been waiting
like the music on these records
to be out again.


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