Mood & Background music

This show from 11/23/2004 is a collection of Mood and Background music on 78 RPM records. Unlike most music, these records weren’t intended to be paid attention to, they were intended to enhance the movies being shown. This music was intended to be played along with silent films and home movies and is really delightful music.

To listen, please go here.

So sit right down and let the movies of your mind go into full swing. This recording is from a cassette tape that was recorded at the wrong pitch (hopefully corrected) and only 1/2 of the show was recorded…I don’t miss cassettes.

Powder and patches

Laughing Marionette

Demoiselle Chic

Nautical Moments

Cafe Chantant/ Bal Masque

Marital Moments

Fame and Glory / Pagent March

The Spirit Of Pagentry

Catasrophe / Denunciation

In Peking

In A Japanese Garden

Arab Dance

A Street In Algiers No. 2



Valse Egyptienne

Trip To Syria


Allah’s Holiday


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