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Hotel Orchestras at 78 RPM

When it’s 78 O’Clock, the past is always the present. This show was a sampling of lighter, pop music found on 78 RPM records.

Groups like Herbert Gordon’s Adelphi Hotel Whispering Orchestra, The Manhatten Merrymakers, Horace Heidt and his Musical Knights and Nev Simons and his Ambassadors Of Note provide music suitable for either foreground or background. Nothing very stellar or memorable here, just great music to meander by. Accordion, Marimba, Xylophone, Harmonica and some Novelty groups provide a nice, smoothly polished way to spend some time.

Listen to the show here
Playlist Tracks:
Goodrich Silvertown Cord Orchestra – I Wonder Where We’ve Met Before
Album: ; Label: Victor 78
Herbert Gordon’s Adelphi Hotel Whispering Orchestra – If You Want The Rainbow
Album: ; Label: Brunswick 78
Selvin’s Novelty Orchestra – I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles
Album: ; Label: Victor 78
Royal Miramba Band – Beloved
Album: ; Label: Banner 78
Lawrence Welk His Sparkling Sextet – Moritat / Nimble Fingers / Stompin’ At The Savoy
Album: ; Label: Coral 78’s
The Harmonicats – Fantasy Impromptu
Album: ; Label: VITAcoustic 78
Al Sack His Orchestra – Caravan
Album: ; Label: Black White 78
Ray McKinley His Orchestra – Sand Storm
Album: ; Label: Majestic 78
Charlie Barnett His Orchestra – The Duke’s Idea
Album: ; Label: Bluebird 78
Prince’s Dance Band – Dardenella
Album: ; Label: Columbia 78
Charlie Barnett His Orchestra – The Count’s Idea
Album: ; Label: Bluebird 78
Pete Handy – Dardenella
Album: ; Label: Mercury 78
Al Goodman His Orchestra – Mazurka
Album: ; Label: Victor 78
Liberace – Malaguena
Album: ; Label: Columbia 78
Al Goodman His Orchestra – Artist’s Life
Album: ; Label: Columbia 78
Jose Iturbi – Dance Of Terror / Ritual Fire Dance
Album: ; Label: Victor 78
Will Bradley His Orchestra – Celery Stalks At Midnight
Album: ; Label: Columbia 78
Larry Douglas with Ray Bloch’s Radio Seven – The Egg And I
Album: ; Label: Signature 78
Bennie Kruger’s Orchestra – Don’t Bring Lulu
Album: ; Label: Brunswick 78
Leo Fuchs Orchestra – Coney Ireland Wedding
Album: ; Label: Rca Victor 78
Ray Blooch His TV Orchestra – Unless
Album: ; Label: Hi-Tone 78
Nev Simons and his Ambassadors Of Note – Corn Belt Symphony
Album: ; Label: M-G-M 78
Manhatten Merrymakers – Down On The Farm
Album: ; Label: Victor 78
Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra – Spain / Mr Radio Man (Tell my mammy to come back home)
Album: ; Label: Victor 78
Horace Heidt and his Musical Knights – I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire
Album: ; Label: Columbia 78


Mood & Background music

This show from 11/23/2004 is a collection of Mood and Background music on 78 RPM records. Unlike most music, these records weren’t intended to be paid attention to, they were intended to enhance the movies being shown. This music was intended to be played along with silent films and home movies and is really delightful music.

To listen, please go here.

So sit right down and let the movies of your mind go into full swing. This recording is from a cassette tape that was recorded at the wrong pitch (hopefully corrected) and only 1/2 of the show was recorded…I don’t miss cassettes.

Powder and patches

Laughing Marionette

Demoiselle Chic

Nautical Moments

Cafe Chantant/ Bal Masque

Marital Moments

Fame and Glory / Pagent March

The Spirit Of Pagentry

Catasrophe / Denunciation

In Peking

In A Japanese Garden

Arab Dance

A Street In Algiers No. 2



Valse Egyptienne

Trip To Syria


Allah’s Holiday