Financial Follies, Paper Moons and Pennies From Heaven

Hijinks from Wall Street make us hope for the trickle down of Pennies From Heaven. The music played on this show, broadcast 09.30.2008 all dealt with double dealings and money.

Listen here.

Playlist Tracks:

Arthur Tracy – Pennies From Heaven
Album: Pennies From Heaven Soundtrack; Label: Warner Brothers

Hazekiah Jenkins – The Panic Is On
Album: Songs of War History; Label: Library Of Congress Records

Cincinnati’s Columbian Singers – The Future Of America
Album: The Hand That Holds The Bread: Progress and Protest in the Gilded Age; Label: New World Records

Randy Newman – Lonely At The Top
Album: Randy Newman Live; Label: Reprise

Sophie Tucker – There’ll Be Some Changes Made
Album: Yes Sir, That’s My Baby: The Golden Years of Tin Pan Alley 1920 – 1929; Label: New World Records

The Boswell Sisters – Old Yazoo
Album: 1930s Jazz: The Singers; Label: Columbia

Ramona with Paul Whiteman’s Orchestra – Are You Making Any Money?
Album: Where Have We Meet Before? Forgotten songs from Broadway, Hollywood and Tin Pan Alley; Label: New World Records

Piano Roll – It’s Only A Paper Moon
Album: Thanks For The Memory; Label: Biograph Records

Duke Ellington – Money Jungle
Album: Money Jungle

Jimmy Smith – Any Number Can Win
Album: Any Number Can Win; Label: Verve

Jimmy Dean – Paper Love Affair
Album: Country Western Stars; Label: Pickwick

Leon Redbone – Nobodies Sweetheart
Album: Double Time; Label: Warner Brothers

Carolina Tar Heels – Got The Farm Land Blues
Album: Anthology of American Folk Music; Label: Smithsonian / Folkways

Charlie Bowman – Moonshiner and his Money
Album: Roots ‘N’ Blues; Label: Columbia

Woody Guthrie – My Last Five Dollars / I Ain’t Got No Home / Many and the Few / What Are We Waiting On?
Album: Woody Guthrie Vol 3 Asch Recordings; Label: Smithsonian

Fats Waller – Lookin’ Good But Feelin Bad
Album: Yazoos History of Jazz; Label: Yazoo

Merritt Brunies and his Friars Inn Orchestra – Up Jumped The Devil
Album: ‘That Toddlin’ Town’ Chicago 1926-28; Label: Swaggie

Mugsy Spanier – That’s A Plenty
Album: Yazoos History of Jazz; Label: Yazoo

Red McKenzie and his Music Box – There’ll Be Some Changes Made
Album: ‘That Toddlin’ Town’ Chicago 1926-28; Label: Swaggie

Fred Astaire – Let’s Face The Music And Dance
Album: Pennies From Heaven; Label: Warner Brothers

Wall Of Voodoo – Lost Weekend
Album: Call Of The West; Label: IRS

Snakefinger’s Vestial Virgins – The Golden King
Album: Night Of Desirable Objects; Label: Ralph

Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers – We Need Some Money
Album: Paint The White House Black: Go Go Funk, D.C.


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