Self Help & Motivational Records

Dust off and dig out your New Years’ resolutions. The old year is history and the new dawn is breaking through the clouds. We here at Dig Up The Roots want to help you with your New Years Resolutions with the aid of old exercise, self improvement and instructional records … if you want and are willing to accept the help. We spend the program improving our cultural and social skills by learning to sing, speak effectively, play the blues, and a life long dream of my own come true! Co-Starring with Fernando Lamas! For all you listeners wanting to shed a few pounds, we have a set for you too. Jack La Lanne and one of the most driven and manic fitness fanatics ever: Bonnie Pruden. Don’t try to make your body do what she is telling you to do, just do it before she gets mad, it will be easier that way.

Listen to the show.

Playlist Tracks:

Mildred BailyThere’ll Be Some Changes Made
Album: Mrs. Swing; Label: JSP

Bonnie PrudenPelvic Tilt
Album: Keep Fit / Be Happy #2; Label: Warner Bros

Jack La LanneFront Leg Raises
Album: Glamour Stretcher Time; Label: La Lanne Inc

The Morell’sGettin In Shape
Album: Shake And Push; Label: Borrowed Records

Dr Carroll L. Witten Leading Psychiatric ConsultantsHow best to meet emotional challenges in practice
Album: Recognizing and Solving Problems in Doctor ; Patient Relationships; Label: A Roche Record Report

Katie LeeGunslinger, (a ballad for adult westerns)
Album: Songs For Couch And Consultation; Label: Commentary

Katie LeeRepressed Hostility Blues
Album: Songs For Couch And Consultation; Label: Commentary

Bonnie PrudenRoll Out Knee Kiss
Album: Keep Fit / Be Happy; Label: Warner Bros

Lee Bowman Ermanno MasiniDrinking Wine
Album: The Wonderful World Of Wine; Label: Sellar’s Sales Inc.

Monty Python’s Flying CircusHow-To-Do-It Lessons
Album: Monty Python’s Previous Record; Label: Kama Sutra

Georgiana Liccione StewartEasy Walk
Album: Disco For Kids; Label: Kimbo Educatioal

Faron YoungI Can’t Dance
Album: A Capitol Rockabilly Party Part 2; Label: Disky

The Voice Of Our Disco InstructorIntroduction
Album: Let’s Disco; Label: K-Tel

Dick Weissman Dan FoxBoogie Woogie
Album: How To Play The Blues: Guitar Techniques Strums; Label: Music Minus One

Fritz Shetsler Egidia BonessiStrengthening The Diaphragm
Album: You Can Learn To Sing; Label: Knight Education Inc

Milton CrossHow Your Voice Instrument Works
Album: Dr. Walter O. Robinson’s Course in Effective Speaking 78 RPM; Label: Harper Brothers

Jimmy NelsonPosition of the Mouth – The Beginner’s Alphabet
Album: Jimmy Nelson’s Instant Ventriloquism; Label: Juro Celebrity

Fernando Lamas & Greg CarrScene 3: Alfred Dorothy
Album: You Act Scenes Opposite Your Favorite Star: Fernando Lamas; Label: Co Star

Bob ConklinThe Key To Motivation – Excerpt
Album: The Key To Motivation; Label: Midwest Audio Video Co

Ray FowlerMake Yourself Understood
Album: How To Communicate Your Ideas; Label: Nations Buisness Execudisc


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